Truss Label

Truss Labels?

Yep, for your convenience we put relevant information on a waterproof, weatherproof label and apply it to each and every truss that comes off our production line.

Jobsites can be a special kind of orchestrated chaos. The last thing you need is a bunch of random trusses dropped off at your site. Figuring out what truss goes where isn’t the kind of puzzle anyone wants to try to unravel while you’re paying for a crane, trying to optimize the weather window, and trying to meet your deadline.

Our trusses are clearly labeled to indicate name, length, type, basic engineering specs, and manufacturing date. When combined with the truss layout you receive from your truss designer, the mystery of what truss goes where is eliminated.

Our long-term truss customers are already familiar with and very much appreciate our labeling. New customers and builders considering ordering trusses from us should factor this into their decision making process. Not only are our trusses very competitively priced, we’ll save you valuable time on the job site.