Simkins-Hallin has been serving professional contractors and homebuilders in south central Montana for over sixty years.

In that time, we have become one of the most recognized and most reliable sources for building material in the region. Rather than expand to additional locations, each with potentially fewer services, Simkins-Hallin Lumber Co. has chosen to focus on our primary location, making us the largest single-location building material supplier in Montana.

This philosophy has attracted some of the most dedicated and skilled employees in the region. Most of our staff is committed to the building material industry as a career choice. Some have been with us for over five decades. Simkins-Hallin generally employs about one-hundred-and-fifty people to help meet your requirements. This allows for a high degree of specialization. When you work with someone from one of our departments, from Accounts Receivable to Window Sales, you can be assured that they are professionals, trained and dedicated to serving your specific needs.

Quality & Volume

Simkins-Hallin’s buyers source material from all around North America, ensuring the highest quality, greatest availability, and most competitive pricing. Our sheer volume guarantees that we are always prepared to supply the largest jobs. Our standard inventory includes over two-million board feet of material. We even maintain our own rail spur to ensure maximum efficiency for transporting products from the mill or factory to your jobsite.

On top of dimensional lumber and sheet goods, we inventory nearly every product needed for standard projects. We’re also experts on special-orders. We routinely use our close relationships with vendors to provide our customers with specialty products.

More Than Lumber

We have several specialty departments that can help make your building project flourish. Of course the heart of our company is the most experienced building material sales team in the state. Other departments include an extensive cabinet design and installation staff, custom window design and sales, a professional take-off and estimating team, and a truss group capable of designing and building any type of truss you may require.

Since we’ve been in the industry for over sixty years, we’ve learned what it takes to successfully serve professional builders. We have worked diligently to develop and maintain several departments each serving specific needs. Whether you are taking advantage of our truss or countertop manufacturing departments, or ordering custom window and door packages, rest assured that if we do it, we do it well. This includes fully exploiting state-of-the-art technology in all areas of our organization to ensure that we’re efficient, accurate, and professional.

While our history, our people, our size, and our diversity are excellent reasons to choose Simkins-Hallin Lumber as your building partner, we feel our most important attribute is our commitment to you, our customer. This family owned and operated business runs on the belief that successful building projects are a result of a partnership between the builder and the suppliers. We know people will come back to a place where they find quality products and professional service. Building is your business. We understand that, and we will do our part to make your project run smoothly and meet your budget. It’s our goal to help you build a quality product.

Possibly the greatest benefits of being a large, single-location company are the personnel we’re able to attract and the focus we’re able to provide. We don’t expect all of our people to be experts in everything, this kind of approach is rarely successful.

Instead, we encourage our people to specialize, even within their departments. For example, our window and door salespeople exclusively sell windows and doors, so they know their products well. Some have even greater expertise in specific lines like commercial, vinyl, or European wood windows. This means that when you really need expert advice or guidance, our team is there for you.

Business at the speed of thought. We’re not quite there yet but the modern building material supply chain is rapidly evolving. Commodity price shifts can occur daily, and in volatile markets even multiple times each day. Thousands of special order products need to be tracked, stored, and delivered. Manufactured items need to be engineered accurately and then built to exacting tolerances. There is simply no way to be competitive in today’s marketplace without a firm investment in, and grasp of technology.

At Simkins-Hallin Lumber we have made that commitment. We have recently adopted the most advanced core software platform available for building material dealers. Every day we work to maximize its benefits for ourselves, and our customers. Many of our technical abilities will be nearly transparent to our customers, and are only revealed in our accuracy and excellence. On the other hand, benefits like online access to account information, job specific accounting, detailed paperwork including tracking of orders, deliveries, invoices, credits, and special orders result in real efficiency to our customers. Statements can be mailed, e-mailed, or even faxed to your office.

In construction, every job is a custom job. Each project requires a unique list of materials, some standard, and some more exotic. We are a full service building material supplier. This means not only being able to deliver traditional building materials, it means being able to source and provide anything and everything you might need for your project.

We’re not the type of company to turn away from a challenge. We want to provide any and all materials you might require. Our staff stays current in green building materials and techniques, unusual material and even custom products. If it goes into your building you can bet we’re already aware of it. Additionally we can handle the sourcing and delivery all the way to your jobsite.