Molding, originally used to simply cover seams at corner and field joints, has evolved to become a critical design element. It can subtlety, or outwardly transformed the look and feel of a room.

Molding that is finished or even painted, and then well installed can dramatically alter the character and feeling of a project’s quality.  With hundreds of different profiles available, and the ability to combine them to create thousands of unique looks, Molding and millwork should be taken seriously. Compelling crown molding, wainscoting, base, case, chair rail, panel walls and transitions, the degree of customization possibilities are virtually endless.

We not only stock dozens of different profiles, we also work with quality molding and millwork manufacturers to source the most common, the best priced, or the most sought after profiles and materials.

If we can’t find it, or nobody is making exactly what you’re looking for, we can produce it in our in-house millwork manufacturing facility.  This is especially useful for matching existing but no longer made profiles, or creating exclusively customized pieces for a one of a kind application. From concept to completion, we can design, manufacturer, and deliver your entire millwork package.


Simkins Hallin once completed a millwork run for a single job that totaled nearly 20 miles of trim.