Composite Decking

Composite Decking Comes of Age

It’s a common product cycle; a revolutionary product is released, early adopters pay a premium and are sometimes plagued by quality issues, but eventually the product gets widely accepted, manufacturing is refined and prices become more reasonable. Well, let us introduce you to ModernView composite decking.

ModernView produces a product that looks like real wood but offers the consistency and maintenance free usability of an engineered product. Its LEED certified and offers a 25 year limited warranty. The decking is made from 95% recycled content. Architects, builders, and homeowners will all appreciate and benefit from the almost limitless possibilities that can be achieved when using a versatile product like ModernView decking.

The two most significant benefits…It represents a substantial savings over name brand composite decking, and it’s available locally only at Simkins Hallin. Want to know more, check out the manufacturers website, or give one of our building material sales team members a call.