Roof Trusses

Just a few decades ago trusses were nearly unheard of in residential and commercial building projects. While the concept has been around for thousands of years, it took the invention of the modern truss-plate in 1952 to bring trusses to the mainstream.

Today, wood trusses are used in nearly all residential and most commercial construction projects. The ability to determine exact costs and installation times prior to construction are two of the most significant factors for using trusses. More recently however their advanced construction and strength has made compelling roof lines and interiors possible. Shapes that just a few years ago were only architect’s dreams are now commonly installed in all types of housing. Impressive vaults, barrel shaped exteriors and interiors, and long spans are now attainable with trusses.

Simkins Hallin lumber Company realized the potential of trusses early on. We’ve been manufacturing them for over three decades and remain committed to offering the best engineered, strongest, and best priced trusses in Montana.

Trusses make it possible to dry-in a project in a relatively short period of time. This greatly reduces your project’s exposure to the elements.

Floor Trusses

Truss FloorIn addition to roof trusses, floor trusses can offer considerable advantages over traditional flooring material. While I-Joists and dimensional lumber are solid and require extensive drilling for utilities, floor truss systems are wide open, offering the potential for large runways of not only plumbing and electrical systems, but heating and air conditioning as well. Similar strengths and spans are available and in some cases, floor trusses are even less expensive than traditional building materials.

Our software engineering systems, paired with laser guided layout devices and exceptional experience have made us the number one truss producer in the region. In fact, architects and engineers frequently call our truss designers for pointers on layout, loads, and design work.

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