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Simkins Hallin has buying power!

The more you buy, the less you pay; that’s true across all markets and all businesses. The lumber industry is no different so in order to stay well ahead of the big box stores Simkins Hallin has formed many alliances over the last decade. One of the largest, and most powerful is our membership in LMC. LMC members are small to medium sized independent lumber yards across the country that, when combined, purchase over a billion dollars worth of material each year. This volume ensures us the most competitive prices which we naturally pass on to our customers.
These purchasing relationships are just one of many things Simkins Hallin does behind-the-scenes in order to bring you the best service, best products, at the best price.

To find out more about LMC and how it allows us to leverage our size, click here.


HBIA Summer Building Season Kick-Off BBQ

Helena Building Industry Association (HBIA) will be throwing there annual building season kick off BBQ, Tuesday, May 22nd at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds Picnic Pavilion.

The BBQ is complements of Simkins-Hallin, and will be catered by the Rib Shack.

Join us for an afternoon BBQ to help kick off the summer building season.

Network & check in with your peers and enjoy some great food.

Spouse & family members welcome!
Free to all HBIA members.

Tuesday, May 22nd – 5:00 PM
Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds
Picnic Pavilion

For more information please contact Simkins-Hallin at 406-586-5495.

HBIA Calendar Announcement


JamesHardie Contractor Breakfast

JamesHardie® along with Simkins-Hallin will be putting on a free Contractor Breakfast meeting, May 10th at the Residence Inn / Marriott.

Join us for an introduction to new products with a customer appreciation breakfast meeting.

JamesHardie® will be on-site to introduce new products as well as product improvements you won’t want to miss! The event is free and is just one way Simkins-Hallin and JamesHardie® to say thanks to all our loyal customers.

Thursday, May 10th at 7:30 AM
Residence Inn / Marriott

(across from Costco)

For more information please contact Simkins-Hallin at 406-586-5495.

Ashley Norton 1

Ashley Norton Hardware

Every so often a product comes along that we get really excited about. A perfect blend of value, quality, and originality. Well, we’d like to introduce you to Ashley Norton Architectural Hardware.

Yep, it might be hard for you to believe but here at Simkins Hallin we get excited about stuff like door and window hardware. Especially when it offers our customers a fresh new look at a price point they’ve been looking for.

Ashley Norton creates solid brass and bronze hardware yet manages to be environmentally responsible at the same time. Their bronze products are made from 90% recyclable materials. Further, there’s virtually no waste in their manufacturing process. Their product line is diverse and extensive, offering something up for the most discerning customer. From cabinet pulls to house numbers to door handles, these guys manufacturer quality products.

If you need more info, hit up their website, or give one of our Door & Window department sales guys a call. They’ll be happy to set you up.

Composite Decking

Composite Decking Comes of Age

It’s a common product cycle; a revolutionary product is released, early adopters pay a premium and are sometimes plagued by quality issues, but eventually the product gets widely accepted, manufacturing is refined and prices become more reasonable. Well, let us introduce you to ModernView composite decking.

ModernView produces a product that looks like real wood but offers the consistency and maintenance free usability of an engineered product. Its LEED certified and offers a 25 year limited warranty. The decking is made from 95% recycled content. Architects, builders, and homeowners will all appreciate and benefit from the almost limitless possibilities that can be achieved when using a versatile product like ModernView decking.

The two most significant benefits…It represents a substantial savings over name brand composite decking, and it’s available locally only at Simkins Hallin. Want to know more, check out the manufacturers website, or give one of our building material sales team members a call.


Our Trusses are Second to None

At Simkins Hallin we’ve been manufacturing trusses for over two decades. You’d think that virtually unanimous positive feedback from our customers would be enough, but it just isn’t. To be sure we’re doing absolutely everything possibly to insure the accuracy and consistency of our products we voluntarily subject our trusses to a regular and ridged third party inspection service.

Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TP), is an independent, third party company who provides the highest quality-assurance services to truss manufacturing facilities.

Next time you order a set of Trusses from Simkins Hallin, look for the TP stamp of approval on our truss labels. It’s your assurance that every truss you receive from our manufacturing facility is engineered and manufactured with the most up-to-date practices available.

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GPS Delivery Tracking

The new normal for the construction industry is on-budget and on-time. Schedules are tight, labor and equipment are expensive, and you need to know when your product will be onsite and ready to install. In fact, a very common call for our sales people and Jake at the dispatch desk is… “Where’s my stuff?”

In an effort to better serve our customers and find even greater efficiencies we’ve installed GPS equipment in every one of our delivery and service vehicles. This means that if your product has left the yard any salesperson can locate the delivery right on their computer screen. No more transfers or time on hold; in minutes we can check the exact location, direction, and speed of the delivery giving you an accurate ETA for your product.

This system also helps us maintain our fleet, improves the safety of our drivers, and helps us optimize our routes for fuel efficiency. These things indirectly benefit you, our customer by reducing overhead and helping us keep prices down.

GPS Delivery Map
Brombal Window

Windows from Far and Wide

How far will Simkins Hallin go to find the best and most appropriate products for your next project? Around the world if necessary.

While American window and door manufacturers have come a long way in recent years, we were challenged when trying to find a truly superior window for high-end jobs. We’re talking about the absolute pinnacle of quality and construction techniques when only the very finest will do.

Our searches lead us all the way to Germany and Italy where some of the finest windows in the world are manufactured. Over recent years we’ve been developing a relationship with these manufacturers and have installed them into several jobs in the Yellowstone Club and elsewhere. While the cost is considerable, the quality and craftsmanship is second to none.

The next time your project calls for the absolute best windows and doors available, give us a call, we’ve got you covered.

Truss Label

Truss Labels?

Yep, for your convenience we put relevant information on a waterproof, weatherproof label and apply it to each and every truss that comes off our production line.

Jobsites can be a special kind of orchestrated chaos. The last thing you need is a bunch of random trusses dropped off at your site. Figuring out what truss goes where isn’t the kind of puzzle anyone wants to try to unravel while you’re paying for a crane, trying to optimize the weather window, and trying to meet your deadline.

Our trusses are clearly labeled to indicate name, length, type, basic engineering specs, and manufacturing date. When combined with the truss layout you receive from your truss designer, the mystery of what truss goes where is eliminated.

Our long-term truss customers are already familiar with and very much appreciate our labeling. New customers and builders considering ordering trusses from us should factor this into their decision making process. Not only are our trusses very competitively priced, we’ll save you valuable time on the job site.